Marina World September 2016 – West Istanbul Marina Turkey

Marina World September 2016 – West Istanbul Marina Turkey


In July 2016 Bilgin Yachts from Istanbul (Turkey) with its building yard conveniently located near to Ataturk airport and the new outstanding West Istanbul Marina.

It has received from PDN the new “Idra” type boat hoist of 700 ton capacity to serve the increasing need of handling boats, yachts and super yachts in this new glamorous and fast developing yachting area .

The Boat Hoist shall have an internal width of 14 meters, featuring the so called “universal steering” which allows the machine several options, like all wheels steering, 90° steering or crab and carousel type of steering. Winch hoist synchronisation is also provided together with PDN’s electronic weighing system plus PDN’s own “RTA system” (remote tele assistance) for crane’s fault finding and monitoring.

The present supply includes a 40 Ton PDN Boat Trailer with variable width and later on it will receive a 300 Ton PDN Boat Trailer.

Then in December 2015 in Turkey PDN has supplied N.1 PDN Idra 100 Ton capacity to Oren Marina near Bodrum which is now being operational for seven months with almost 200 working hrs. The marina is managed by Setur Marinas.

The Boat Hoist has an internal width of 8,2 meters, featuring again PDN “universal steering”, PDN electronic control system with fault detection and monitoring, an accurate weighing system and its own RTA system.

An auxiliary jib crane for demasting sailing boats is also provided.

Taylor Smith and Co. Ltd., a Dry Dock and Ship Repairs Group in Mauritius, has received in May a new PDN 40 Ton PDN Boat Trailer with variable width.

This equipment is of a special type in order to handle even catamarans type of boats which are widely used in these beautiful and exotic islands of the Indian Ocean. In fact the Boat Trailers shall have a variable internal width with hydraulic telescopic candles to lift and support the inside kill of the catamarans.

PDN Engineering and Cranes has also booked orders for N.1 PDN Idra 160 Ton capacity for Sanya Visun Royal Yatch Clun in Hainan Island – China ,N.1 PDN Idra 140 Ton capacity for Dierba (Tunisia) together with a fixed jib crane 30 Ton for Sousse again in Tunisia and N.1 PDN Idra 200 Ton capacity plus N.1 40 Ton PDN Boat Trailer for Atakoy Marina in Istanbul (Turkey) .

To conclude in its expansion strategy aimed to penetrate also the Asian and Far Eastern Market, PDN has concluded in June a cooperation agreement between PDN Engineering and Cranes srl. and the Chinese builder of cranes Nucleon Crane Ltd. for the sale and joint production of cranes type travelift for the nautical and civil sector, launching girder cranes and transporters for the construction industry of bridges and viaducts.

Nucleon Crane Ltd. is one of the largest Chinese manufacturers of cranes type overhead crane and gantry with location in Xinxiang in the so-called pole of Chinese crane manufacturers. Privatized in 2004 bill currently about USD 180 million and it has 1,700 employees on 2 factories (one of carpentry and one of mechanical) with a total area of 230,000 m2 of which 23,000 m2 covered. In the Chinese territory Nucleon has a large number of its agents scattered in various areas to support its sales activities.

The agreement between PDN and Nucleon with an initial duration of 5 years renewable expected that the cranes will be proposed by the corporate alliance will have joint name PDN Nucleon and will be partially manufactured in China (steel structures) and in Italy (mechanics, hydraulics and electrical system). They will then be assembled and delivered in the workplace to customers by a joint team of technical PDN and Nucleon people.

The agreement will enhance greatly the commercial and production capacity of PDN in Asian markets and the Far East, as well as if necessary on European ones and the Mediterranean area. In fact Nucleon has an almost unlimited production capacity, a good quality and prices very competitive compared to the European standards.

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